There are so many aspects to Kubernetes that it is tough to get started with it. Kubernetes also changes so often that blog posts and documentation quickly become outdated. So, this page is intended to be a list of my blog posts on Kubernetes to help understand how to set it up and get the most from it. Kubernetes is a journey, not a destination.

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November 6, 2023
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What is ArgoCD? Argo CD follows the GitOps pattern of using Git repositories as the…

November 6, 2023


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Mount an existing NFS share into K8s Pods

I hadn’t realised Kubernetes could mount an existing NFS share into a pod with just a little text inside a manifest. Of course, the share has to exist first, and Kubernetes can’t create the NFS storage without a persistent volume provisioner like nfs-subdir, but it is very useful. It isn’t necessary to add anything to Kubernetes itself; it is built in. You just specify the following…

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Add an NFS provisioner to Kubernetes

For most of my Kubernetes deployments, I use Longhorn for persistent storage. This allows me to have a distributed and replicated storage medium in my pods. It also has backup features, etc. and ‘just works’. However, from time to time, Longhorn’s replication functionality isn’t what you want. One such case was when I installed JellyFin. I didn’t want my DVD collection – many TB’s of data…

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Manage K8s with K9s

There are several tools for managing Kubernetes or K8s, from ‘kubectl’ to one of my favourite tools – ‘Lens’. These two tools are at opposite ends of the spectrum, with ‘kubectl’ being CLI-based and Lens being the much more friendly Windows-style application. However, other tools lie somewhere between the two, and one such tool is ‘K9s’. You can download K9s here: – At the time…

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Installing & Configuring Traefik with SSL certs

The problem After running my Kubernetes services without a ‘proper’ SSL, using the traefik self-signed certificate and having browsers complain all of the time that there was a security problem, I decided to bite the bullet and set everything up to download and serve a certificate from LetsEncrypt. For this, I decided to use two different domains. As my company domain is ‘’, I left that…

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Create a Kubernetes Cluster with Rancher

Creating a Kubernetes cluster with Rancher is easy – it is just a few clicks and a little copy-paste magic. However, you need the machines or nodes to exist before you begin. There are two parts to a Kubernetes Cluster – the control plane and the worker. The control plane must be installed on Linux nodes; the workers can be either Linux or Windows. Rancher’s documentation…

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Traefik – a great ingress controller

In the dynamic world of web traffic management, two major players that have garnered significant attention are Traefik and NGINX. Both tools are powerful proxies and load balancers for handling web traffic but offer different approaches and features. This blog post aims to explore both Traefik and NGINX, highlighting their key features and differences and using cases to help you determine which might be best suited…

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MetalLB – Kubernetes does need a load balancer

At work, we run Kubernetes in Azure. There is an Azure load balancer that provides IP addresses to allow the ingress of traffic into the cluster. Of course, this is an additional service, which means an additional cost, but those costs are quite reasonable – for Azure. Initially, I thought that this must be ‘just standard Kubernetes’, but that is not the case. When I installed…

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