NFS and Proxmox containers don’t mix

NFS and Proxmox containers don’t mix

I spent several hours last night trying to test out a few NFS shares from my TrueNAS box in Linux. I didn’t really want them on that particular Linux box. I wanted to configure an NFS storage type in my Kubernetes cluster, but I thought it best to test the shares before dealing with Kubernetes once I knew NFS was working.

However, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the Linux container to mount the share.

I started with a basic Ubuntu server in the container. You have to then install a common NFS package to be able to create a mount – I did this with the following command: –

apt install nfs-common

To mount an NFS share, you issue this command: –

mkdir /mnt/kubernetesa

mount -t nfs /mnt/kubernetesa

Without the nfs-common package, I was getting some weird errors. After, it just said ‘mount.nfs: Operation not permitted. Eventually, I found a forum post on that said it was by design. There are a few different ways to enable it, but as I was only testing things out, I just jumped on a Ubuntu VM, and everything worked as it should.

One to remember, though – a Proxmox container with Ubuntu is NOT the same as a VM!


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