TSLint Plugin for Visual Studio

TSLint Plugin for Visual Studio


I have written previously about Visual Studio. It is my preferred development IDE. It provides a rich ecosystem of extensions to enhance the development experience. Among these extensions, the TSLint plugin is a valuable tool for TypeScript developers.

TSLint: A Brief Introduction

TSLint, an open-source code linter for TypeScript, helps identify and fix potential errors, inconsistencies, and bad practices in TypeScript code. It enforces coding conventions and style rules, improving code quality, consistency, and maintainability.

TSLint Plugin for Visual Studio: Unlocking Benefits

The TSLint plugin for Visual Studio seamlessly integrates the linter into the IDE, bringing its power directly to the development workflow. By leveraging this plugin, TypeScript developers can:

  • Real-time Code Analysis: Receive immediate feedback on code violations as they write code, enabling prompt identification and correction of potential issues.
  • Visual Indicators: Visualize code violations through colour-coded squiggles and warnings in the editor, facilitating easy identification and navigation to problematic code sections.
  • Integrated Task Runner: Integrate the TSLint task with the Visual Studio Build and Debug processes, ensuring that code adheres to TSLint rules at every stage of the development cycle.
  • Error Prevention: Prevent build failures due to TSLint violations by configuring the Build and Debug processes to fail when encountering TSLint errors.

Installing and Configuring the TSLint Plugin

To install the TSLint plugin for Visual Studio, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Select the Tools > Extensions and Updates menu option.
  3. In the Online tab, search for TSLint and install the plugin provided by Microsoft.
  4. Once installed, restart Visual Studio to load the plugin.

To configure the TSLint plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Open Visual Studio.
  2. Select the Tools > Options menu option.
  3. In the Text Editor > TypeScript pane, navigate to the TSLint section.
  4. In the TSLint Configuration File field, specify the path to your project’s tslint.json file, which defines the linting rules and configuration.

Benefits of Integrating TSLint into Visual Studio

By integrating the TSLint plugin into Visual Studio, TypeScript developers gain several benefits:

  • Improved Code Quality: TSLint continuously monitors code for violations, fostering a culture of high code quality.
  • Early Error Prevention: TSLint detects and reports errors early in the development cycle, preventing them from reaching production.
  • Streamlined Development Workflow: TSLint integrates seamlessly into the Visual Studio workflow, enabling developers to identify and fix issues promptly.
  • Enhanced Maintainability: Consistent coding practices and adherence to TSLint rules make code easier to maintain and understand for other developers.


The TSLint plugin for Visual Studio is an invaluable tool for TypeScript developers, providing real-time code analysis, visual indicators, integrated task running, and error prevention.

By leveraging this plugin, developers can maintain high code quality, prevent bugs, and enhance the overall development experience.


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