Keyboard Short Cuts in Visual Studio Code

Keyboard Short Cuts in Visual Studio Code

I am currently trying to get used to using Visual Studio Code on a Mac Book (dark side I know). I have used Visual Studio for years and I typically use it for everything I do on Windows, but more and more, I am finding myself in VSCode. A couple of my projects aren’t Windows based, so I thought I would give VSCode a try on my MacBook air.

This list is here so I don’t have to search the internet for the shortcuts.

Navigating the File Explorer:

  • Open File Explorer: Ctrl+Shift+E or ⇧⌘E (macOS)
  • Open Recent File: Ctrl+Tab or ⌘Tab (macOS)
  • Search for Files: Ctrl+F or ⌘F (macOS)
  • Open File by Name: Ctrl+P or ⌘P (macOS)
  • Open Current File Location: Alt+Right Click (Windows) or Option+Right Click (macOS)
  • Close File: Ctrl+W or ⌘W (macOS)

Enhancing Your Debugging Experience:

  • Set Breakpoints: F9 or Fn+F9 (macOS)
  • Step Over: F10 or Fn+F10 (macOS)
  • Step In: F11 or Fn+F11 (macOS)
  • Step Out: Shift+F11 or Fn+Shift+F11 (macOS)
  • Run/Debug File: Ctrl+F5 or ⌘F5
  • Debug Configuration: Ctrl+Shift+D or ⇧⌘D (macOS)

Harnessing the Power of Git:

  • Open Source Control Panel: Ctrl+Shift+G or ⇧⌘G (macOS)
  • Commit Changes: Ctrl+Alt+K or ⌥⌘K (macOS)
  • Push Changes: Ctrl+Shift+K or ⇧⌘K (macOS)
  • Pull Changes: Ctrl+Shift+G or ⇧⌘G (macOS)
  • View Git History: Alt+Left Click (Windows) or Option+Left Click (macOS)

Embracing Extensions for Customization:

  • Open Extensions Sidebar: Ctrl+Shift+X or ⇧⌘X (macOS)
  • Search for Extensions: Ctrl+Shift+E or ⇧⌘E (macOS)
  • Install Extension: Click the “Install” button
  • Manage Extensions: Settings > Extensions

Utilizing Recommended Extensions:

  • C# Extension Pack: Provides syntax highlighting, code completion, and refactoring tools for C# development.
  • Visual Studio Live Share: Enables real-time collaboration with other developers on the same project.
  • GitLens: Enhances git integration, providing insights into Git history, blame, and branching.

Hi, my name is Stephen Finchett. I have been a software engineer for over 30 years and worked on complex, business critical, multi-user systems for all of my career. For the last 15 years, I have been concentrating on web based solutions using the Microsoft Stack including ASP.Net, C#, TypeScript, SQL Server and running everything at scale within Kubernetes.