Lock Hunter

Lock Hunter


For weeks I have been trying to determine why some of my PowerShell scripts have been failing to complete. Eventually, I found the problem was that one of my files was remaining locked but I could not see why it was happening.

Introducing Lock Hunter

LockHunter is a useful tool for dealing with files that cannot be deleted, moved, or renamed due to them being locked by some processes in Windows. The tool is designed to help identify and release these file locks, making file management more convenient.

It can be downloaded here: – https://lockhunter.com/download.htm

Key Features

  1. Explorer Context Menu Integration: LockHunter adds options to the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer, allowing users to quickly check and unlock files directly from the Explorer interface.
  2. LockHunter Main Window: This window provides detailed information about the locked file, including which processes are locking it and options to unlock, delete, or rename the file.
  3. Checking Locked Files in a Folder: LockHunter can show what files are locked within a particular folder, giving users a broader view of file locks in a specific location.
  4. Options to Unlock, Kill Processes, or Remove Files: The tool provides various options like unlocking the file, terminating the locking process, or even deleting the locked file.

There are a few screenshots of Lock Hunter here: – https://blog.crystalrich.com/lockhunter-3-4-released/#more-1148

Other information

For those that have company policies regarding countries they are allow to deal with, this utility comes from a company based in Russia.


Hi, my name is Stephen Finchett. I have been a software engineer for over 30 years and worked on complex, business critical, multi-user systems for all of my career. For the last 15 years, I have been concentrating on web based solutions using the Microsoft Stack including ASP.Net, C#, TypeScript, SQL Server and running everything at scale within Kubernetes.