Hyper-V Powershell Networking

Hyper-V Powershell Networking

Get a list of switches


Get a list of Network adapters

Get-VMNetworkAdapter -all

Change virtual switch each VM’s Network Card points at: –

Get-VM "VM01" | Get-VMNetworkAdapter

With this command, you can connect it to another Switch:

Get-VM "VM01" | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | Connect-VMNetworkAdapter -SwitchName "NewSwitch"

You can also do this for all Virtual Machines running on a Hyper-V host:

Get-VM | Get-VMNetworkAdapter
Get-VM | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | Connect-VMNetworkAdapter -SwitchName "NewSwitch"
Get-VM | Get-VMNetworkAdapter

Reset a network adapter to use DHCP

# Return network interface to a variable for future use

$interface = Get-NetIPInterface -InterfaceAlias "Ethernet0" -AddressFamily IPv4

# Remove the static default gateway

$interface | Remove-NetRoute -AddressFamily IPv4 -Confirm:$false

# Set interface to "Obtain an IP address automatically"

$interface | Set-NetIPInterface -Dhcp Enabled

# Set interface to "Obtain DNS server address automatically"

$interface | Set-DnsClientServerAddress -ResetServerAddresses

Set IP Address

New-NetIPAddress -InterfaceAlias "Ethernet0" -AddressFamily IPv4 -IPAddress 192.168.1.xxx -PrefixLength 24 -DefaultGateway


Set-DnsClientServerAddress -InterfaceAlias "vEthernet (V10Network)" -ServerAddresses ("","")

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